Tuesday, November 30, 2004


A few notes as MacDuff prepares for the controversial ball. 1. I assume the page layout and information will do, at least for now. I'm adding links to The Onion and Jon Stewart, as well as a few of my favorite libertarian and conservative blogs. Fair and balanced. 2. I can post photos if you email them to me. Something tells me the Ottoman pics will be worth posting. Oxblog's David Adesnik posted a couple of days ago on the same email you received: "The official host of the OUEAS Ball is the Turkish Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Please note that interested parties can sign the petition online. If you follow the link in the upper left hand corner of the signature page, you can purchase a lovely ottoman for only $129.99 (shipping included)." 3. Yes, the Mark Warner profile -- and others -- are coming. I'm trying to do some neat things with it, but Blogger has limitations. In other news, if you believe Maria Shriver, the 28th Amendment won't be passed in time for Arnie to make a run at the presidency. Scratch off one profile to come up with.

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