Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Googlezon v. The New York Times

If you have a spare 8 minutes and audio availability, check out this futuristic look at media history from 2014 and the introduction of EPIC - the "Evolving Personalized Information Construct". Very, very cool. One captivating statement on where blogging fits in the upcoming media revolution. No time or desire to make much of an insightful commentary at the moment - but consider it a solid topic for reflection and fortune telling over a few pints. The seismic shift will arrive sooner than expected, and it should be nothing short of massive. [NOTE: I found this flash presentation in a roundabout manner that is worth mentioning - One of Sullivan's guest bloggers pointed me to a post trashing their contributions. That post, which contains a random link to a "terrifying, Google-controlled future" is here. So thanks go out to killerboots.blogspot and its author Tom Berman - though I have to agree with Ross that the posted photo is indeed egregiously faux-intellectual...] UPDATE - Here one of the EPIC co-authors comments on the speed with which the program is making its rounds. Fascinating - and check out the technorati site, a search engine through recent blog entries.


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