Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Out of Time

Okay, only a few minutes remaining and Gatorade beckons. Suffice it to say that I have much to say about page A18 of the Comment section, 3 articles from David Frum (on Martin renewing the ties to the US); David Asper (on Harper's recent complaint to the National Post editorial board); and Anne Kingston (on a supposed double-standard favoring the "insanity" of women in homicide cases). They are articles more worthy of dialogue and debate than an actual blogging commentary, I think, especially given the declining minutes available on the bottom right of the screen. They are great fodder for debate though - how Conservative is the National Post? Aspers comments are surprisingly revealing, even in his attempt to show no bias. How does Martin view relations with the US? Frum refers to the Chretien government's "supreme vice" as the unwillingness to think seriously about military power, which I and Paul Kennedy would likely agree upon - though the rest of his analysis is tainted with a desire to see Martin align with the tendencies of the superbly rightish Bush. As for Kingston, it is an article that would rightly be called "rubbish" in England. But as I am out of time... let's just say it isn't worth much discussion, though it does raise a point worth considering (and rebutting). Off to grab the Gatorade. I would love to see one of the Sports drinks run an advertisement starring a hungover student - who is helped through a rough morning by its lovely liquid...


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