Friday, December 03, 2004

NHL Lockout 101

In time for my return, it seems that the NHLPA has a new proposal to present to the owners next week. I had an opportunity to do some work involving the NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement during my final year of law school, and it proved to be fascinating. The document itself is complex, and it was fascinating to examine the explicit rules on the rights of draft picks and free agents. A very legal business indeed. So aside from the obvious interest in having the players return to the rinks and avoid a year in which the Stanley Cup remains on the shelf, I am also quite excited to examine any new deal for the differences. Hopefully I will be able to post thoughts on this evolving situation in the near future. Though I have a strong reason to think that the 2004-2005 season is in serious jeopardy. In the meantime, for those looking for concise information should begin with CBS Sportsline's excellent Lockout 101 for further details.

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