Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Bush visit miscellany

Notes from President Bush's first visit to Canada (and the first such visit by a US president since Clinton in 1995!): Ouch (CBC): A small number of pro-Bush demonstrators also showed up to offer a welcome to the conservative, family-values politician. One of them held a sign reading: "The only mad cow is Carolyn Parrish," referring to the Liberal MP recently thrown out of caucus after repeated verbal attacks against the Americans and Bush. Alberta cheers, #1(NYT): "I proudly ate some Alberta beef last night, and - I'm still standing," Mr. Bush said, to laughter and applause. Alberta cheers, #2(Globe and Mail): George W. Bush broke away from his entourage of Secret Service agents and other aides on Parliament Hill yesterday to glad-hand with a group of newly elected and star-struck Tory MPs, telling them with a smile and twinkle in his eye to "hang in there." Martin's best line: After a reporter's question in French about mad cow disease, PM turns to Bush and says: "The question -- what she said -- I'll translate -- was, don't you think Canada has a great government?" Bush's best line: "Paul and I share a great vision for the future, two prosperous, independent nations joined together by the return of NHL hockey." Dumbest spinoff story (Globe and Mail): Feasting on the mono-unsaturated fat of the land Menu for Ottawa's presidential dinner nutritionally sound, experts say Look presentable, now (NYDN) (Hat tip: Wonkette):

Is this Le Cirque - or Canada? Photographers and other members of the White House press corps used to more casual attire were freaking after a memo from President Bush's people yesterday dictated the "dress code" for his joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin today. "Jeans and T-shirts will not be permitted," it read. "Gentlemen must wear jackets."


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