Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Sullivan's Back

Not that he ever left, but I have been thinking recently that Sullivan's blog seems to have lost a little lustre now that the election and its aftermath have come and gone. A little too self-congratulatory, maybe? I guess you could say I haven't been enjoying it as much. But the last two days have been an excellent flurry: Abu Ghraib, just what I would have said about Brooks' terrible "John Stott" column, rightful damning of the British academia on the Atlee-Churchill bias, Mullah jailings over free speech in Iran, the South African high court on marriage rights, and - perhaps most exciting - the news that Richard Posner, famed law and economics judge, will blog. When that one gets running it will be worth a permalink. We read plenty of him in my Torts, Judicial Remedies, and Jurisprudence classes at Dalhousie. I don't always agree with his positions (to every rule are there not exceptions?), but they certainly help you get a root understanding of the issues involved in the case, sometimes with surprising results.


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