Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Time Has Come

1991. Game 6. Twins-Braves:

"Facing elimination, Kirby Puckett addressed his teammates in the clubhouse before the game. He told everyone to jump on his back and he would carry them to victory. Then Puckett made good on his promise. He went 3-for-4 with two runs scored and three RBIs while making two of the series' signature plays. First, Puckett made a leaping catch on Ron Gant's deep drive at the plexiglass fence in left-center field, robbing an extra-base hit and killing a third-inning rally. Then in the bottom of the 11th inning off Charlie Leibrandt, it was Puckett's home run to left-center field that gave Minnesota a thrilling 4-3 win and forced Game 7... The homer is so revered in Twins folklore that the seat in the Metrodome where the ball landed was painted gold and remains that way to this day."
The Twins went on to win the series in a thrilling 10th inning game. But that Kirby Puckett performance in Game 6, in one of the greatest World Series of all time, culminated in that home-run moment. It is the true stuff of legend, ranking as #2 on the ESPN Reader list of Greatest World Series Moments (Kirk Gibson's hobbling Grand Slam in 1988 can never be topped). And in perhaps one of the finest examples of a sporting moment really immortalized by the broadcaster's call, it also gave us the late great Jack Buck's famous goosebump inducing simplicity: "There's a drive into deep left field ... and... WE'LL SEE YOU... TOMORROW NIGHT." So to Pearson, Coop: Terminal 3, 7:35PM, flight 711. Send an email with your address and phone number in case something should happen. Tomorrow Night Indeed.


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