Tuesday, December 07, 2004

What's Past is Prologue

An slight introduction (and explanation?) to the many (national) posts to follow. This should probably lead them off at the top, but the timeline chronology dictates that it fall below. So while Tim contemplates a nap, I sit here near the beginning of the longest street in Canada, for 3 bucks an hour, resting the hangover and dreaming of the declaration, shattered glass, the one random glove found in the Eaton's Center, and why I have just returned from England only to find myself drinking in Toronto's (1) duke of devon, (2) the irish embassy, (3) duke of richmond, and later, (4) duke of argyle. Only two days in to the Canadian return, at that. I take inspiration and experience from Odysseus who shouted to his temptress amidst the long return home:

"My lady goddess, I beg you not to resent my feeling. I too know well enough that my wise Penelope's looks and stature are insignificant compared with yours. For she is mortal, while you have immortality and unfading youth. Nevertheless I long to reach my home and see the happy day of my return. It is my never-failing wish. And what if the powers above doe wreck me out on the wine-dark sea? I have a heart that is inured to suffering and I shall steel it to endure that too. For in my day I have had many bitter and shattering experiences in war and on the stormy seas. So let this new disaster come. It only makes one more."
And a guy at the desk beside just asked if he could both send and receive emails in this computer lab... I thought explaining the concept of blogging was difficult. Nice to be ahead of the curve.


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