Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Subscriber Exclusives?

So, to get on with the point, I grabbed the National Post for 75 cents on the way to lunch today. First time reading it since my mother imported a copy to Dublin, and I have to say it does serve to provoke debate. But it also has some classic sportswriters. Sad that both it and the Globe and Mail have failed to allow cheap foreign students access to its articles without purchasing a subscription. If the kos readers can find the script to cheat the internet vote, perhaps they have the code-words I need to crack into their perishable news product. Or as soon as we start hauling in the blogads, we should consider an Ahabs debit account to be used for such nonsense. But, of course, I digress. So I will get on with some sports articles and quotes first, then some fisking of a few articles from their editorial page. Some articles will be hyperlinked where available. Others, sadly, can only be viewed through my jaded prism, unless you happily have procured a copy of the Tuesday, December 7, 2004 version of the Post. Snowing Yesterday. Raining Today. Not in the Maritimes yet, but the weather makes it seem so. And it makes me smile...


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